Becky and Wave

HHSC Champions, 2006 & 2007
WWGA O-Mok-See, fifth place, 2006
Need for Speed O-Mok-See, St. Regis, MT, seventh place, 2007
PNW Championship O-Mok-See, third place, 2007
2007 Fast Time of the year WWGA and HHSC, two events each.
2007-08 SCWGA Series Champion
2008 National O-Mok-See, fourth Place
Champion, 2008 WWGA O-Mok-See

Wave isn't new to me anymore, and she's turned out to be a great horse. She is fast and responsive and fun. If I ride her right, she does great. If we mess up, it's usually my fault, which makes her very fun to ride as we rarely "argue." Wave is so nice the kids can even run her if they need a backup.

We are THRILLED to report that we placed third in the Pacific NW Championship O-Mok-See '07. The best horses and riders around were there, I am so proud of her. In '06 we got 11th, the year before 12th, so we're definately making progress. We had an even better year so far in 2008, winning the SCWGA winter series, placing fourth at the National in CO, and winning the trophy saddle at the WWGA O-Mok-See in August. :)

Here's our Stilly Figure 8 run at SCWGA March 7, '08. We ended up winning our age group for the year!