Kate and Sugar

Eleven year old Kate running a 21.6 in Poles, for the fast time in the whole show, all age groups, and catching air in International Flags at her first show on Sugar, May, 2005. :)

***Those were the first years, now we are proud to introduce the 2007 WWGA O-Mok-See Champion,
PNW O-Mok-See Champion, HHSC and WWGA Year end champions, Kate and Sugar:***

b>Here's Kate and Sugar running two-barrel flags in March '08. Yes, they had a great run, and someone still beat her by 31/1,000th of a second. Bummer! They are really good at this event, though, one of her friends once told me she thought Kate was the best at two-barrel flags she had ever seen.

Here's Kate and Sugar running poles in March '07. Yes, they hit one here, but
they are always so much fun to watch run poles.

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