Our new hobby: No opinions involved, just you, your horse, and an electronic timer. Yee haw.

Kate and Sugar running two barrel flags in 8.156 at the PNW Championships, the second fastest time in all age groups. As you can tell by our pictures, this is an incredibly fun event. When we first started with our current trainer, Brenda, in May '05, we believed we could never be the kind of riders who did this event at a dead run. Now we love it. It is so much fun to be able to lean way down and nail it, it's kind of a badge of honor to be able to do it fast, even if we miss, it's still fun. No more trotting two barrel flags for us! :-) For a video of me running this event, go to our slideshows page.

Joey and Will winning Poles at the National in Gillette, WY, .33 of a second from breaking the record.
Becky and Wave running Western Jumping at WWGA. We had the fast time of the year in this event for 2007, with a 9.986. :)

Becky and Wave, on their way to the year end championship for their age group at HHSC,
and Will and Joey doing the same for their age group at WWGA. We both won those clubs in 2006 and 2007.

Kate and Sugar, running hard and looking good doing it. ;-)

Will and Joey and their trophy saddle from the 2006 Pacific Northwest Championships.
Becky and Wave running two barrel flags at HHSC.

Becky entertaining the crowd at The Evergreen State Fair, getting popped up and over during Stake Race then holding onto the side of Wave's neck the whole way back. Wave even stopped in her lane, Becky was fine. :)

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