GCH Nipntuck Blame It On Fame

dob 11/29/2014
Bc (carries chocolate)
EIC clear
HNPK clear
Hips and elbows OFA Excellent and normal
Heart cleared by color doplar
PRA clear by parentage
Eyes CERF'd normal on 11/17/16

*Wilson has multiple BOBs at major and supported entries, as well as Group placements,
to currently rank him the #1 Labrador in both breed and all breed points for 2017.*

**Wilson was Winners Dog five times and reserve twice,
including at multiple specialties, while still in the puppy classes**

BOB RCLRC supported entry of 100, 1/17
BOB PSLRA supported entry 10/16
RWD and Best BBE PSLRA 2016
WD, BOW RCLRC 2016, Jill Ickowski
First 15-18 month black dogs sweepstakes Potomac 2016
Best in Sweepstakes, CCLRC 2016, Lorraine Yu
WD, Best Puppy, JAM, IPLRC 2015, Jean-Louis Blais
WD, BOW, Best Puppy, PSLRA Supported entry
RWD PSLRA 2015 from the 6-9 month class

This is Wilson, our young boy out of our beautiful specialty winning Penny, who is also the dam of our beautiful Hope, and sired by the great chocolate dog, Grizz. Wilson is major pointed from the puppy classes with multiple wins, and is pictured at 23 months. He was also RWD at PSLRA from the 6-9 class, WD, Best Puppy and JAM at the IPLRC Specialty under judge Jean-Louis Blais on 10/9 then WD, BOW, BOS and Best Puppy at the PSLRA supported entry on 10/17, RWD the next day (to our Penn), then went WD both days for majors at WKC on 11/14 & 15. He finished in style by going WD, BOW and Best of Breed over multiple specials at the PSLRA supported entry. He has grown into a big, beautiful boy who has already established himself as something very special. He has his heart clearance and his first puppies are gorgeous!

CH Nipntuck Blame It On Fame
dob 11/29/14
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Hunt Club\'s Miss Corey, CD
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Best BBE LRCP 2008
BISS GCH Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive BISS CH Windfall\'s Pipe Major
CH Janrod\'s Tammy Whynot
CH Blackwaters Nipntuck Cheerleader CH Tabatha\'s Nipntuck You Are IT
Blackwaters Remarkable
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