YEE HAW! If you can watch this without leaning forward and holding your breath, you've never run Poles on an American Quarter Horse. Or tried to catch Will holding a football. Looks like fun, doesn't it? We love it! Enjoy. :)

The events shown here are Poles, Polo Turn, Speed Barrels, Western Jumping, Two Barrel Flags, Tomahawk, and some team events at the national. And yes, Kate and Sugar are *really* good at both Two Barrel Flags and Tomahawk. They have the fast time all age groups the last two years at the WWGA O-Mok-See. Will and Joey are good, too, and this Speed Barrels run set a new record for the WWGA O-Mok-See. They are also the record holders in Poles at the National. But Becky and Wave were the only ones to win a saddle in 2008, after Kate and Will won FIVE in 2007. :)

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