Here are our pictures for the Need for Speed O-Mok-See in St. Regis, MT. It was hot and beautiful and fun, even if we weren't terribly successful. Becky dq'd four times, in either her best or the easiest events, on the very first day, so at least was able to stop being nervous. Will dq'd in the last three events to fall from second to fourth place, but we did manage to get a spectacular picture of Joey slipping in international flags. Amazingly, she did not fall down, Will did not fall off, and even kept hold of the flag! Kate dq'd in the last event to finish fifth overall, but she give us our one claim to fame for the weekend and brought home the $$ for winning Championship Two-Barrel Flags. To win she had to run against the top 16 times in all age groups, with the final being against a man in the 31-45 age group. She is good! Enjoy, the show is always a success if we have fun and get good pictures. :)

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