WWGA MAy 2 & 3
Here are a few of out runs from the WWGA May show. Becky had a super show, running clean in all ten events, getting high point and winning the jackpot event both days, and likely having run three fast times of the year. Kate didn't have such a good show, but entertained us neverthless. ;-) Will and Tye took a break from Will's 13th birthday party to run in the team event. They sucked! But also entertained us.

Kate and Joey running a 22.401 to win Poles.

Becky and Wave running a 10.113 in Polo Turn. Wave is good at this because she turns so tight. This is a very, very fast run, and while the club did not have their record information at the show, we were told this is likely a new club record.

Kate's Texas Rollback run. This is an unusual event that is only run once a year, but Sugar is pretty good at it.

Becky and Wave's Texas Rollback run, which was the fast time of the day and since they only run it once, the year. Wave is good at these "weird" events because she is the "over-reactor."

Kate's 2 barrel flags run. She and Sugar are very good at this! :)

Wave and Becky are getting good at this, too, although we still don't have the guts to run home kicking.

I told Kate she couldn't touch Wave's mouth in this event, but oh, well. Maybe she thought she was doing TX Rollback. ;-)

This is one of the events I am going to start doing on Joey all the time, because she is so flipping fast! This 8.36 is faster than the WWGA O-Mok-See record, which is held by Will and Joey, and is an 8.4.

And, finally, Will and Ty entertaining us in the team event. Ty had never ridden Wave before, and I told him, too, he couldn't touch her mouth, just to gently guide her. See what happens when kids don't listen? ;-)


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