High School Rodeo
Washington State High School Rodeo
April-May, 2009

Enjoy the pictures of my sweet little, beautiful, wonderful, perfect all American girl. Carrie Underwood must be singing about a cowgirl, these kids are darling. ;-)

Kate ran her first high school rodeo of 2009 in Ellensburg, and Sugar didn't run real hard for her. So she decided to make the big switch to Joey. (Or Jo-WEEEEEE as we are now calling her.) On the first day Joey decided that great big arena was way fun, and she ran VERY hard. Turn when asked, not so much. ;-) Kate held her back the second day and her times were much better because she listened and turned well, we are thinking with some experience together and a happy medium of running plus turning, they will be a great team. Since Kate is only 15, she has three more years she can high school rodeo, so they have time.

Enjoy these pictures, they don't do justice to the atmosphere that fills these events. Starting the day with a bunch of cute cowgirls galloping around the arena with the American flag (and sponsor flags) is just so cool it gives me goosebumps and tears every time. There are also a few of 12 yo Will on his Maltby baseball team, coming in in the last three innings and pitching a comeback win, and some of the trip over the North Cascades Highway, the Okanogan rodeo, and State Finals in Ellensburg Memorial Day weekend. And a couple of our travelling partner, Christina, on her super fast paint, Shazaam.

Here are the clips of her runs. Notice how she has bad end turns on even the better pole run, but that her weave is fabulous. They are going to be a great team when they get the end turns down, those are the easy part. And, notice how hard and quick she turns the third barrel in her second run. She CAN do it. And yes, she was always last because she was late entered. I was at Potomac. :)

I have been trying to put my finger on why we are so enamoured with this sport, and I think I may have it: It teaches character. In every other sport we have played with the kids, there are very few coaches or parents who work hard at teaching the kids not just to win, but to do the right thing. In this sport, working hard and doing the right thing is every bit as admired as winning. We are very pleased to be a part of it.


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