Enjoy this slideshow of my dogs and their/our life. Some breeders believe allowing dogs to run like this will get them injured and unable to show. I totally disagree, and think this full throttle playtime is great for the heart, bones, and mind. I have been told that my dogs present themselves well in the show ring. I often wonder if part of the reason is because they live a fun life at home, so are focused and relaxed amongst the turmoil of a dog show.

And I love how all my momma dogs share the babies, and take care of and train them all, even though some also believe puppies should be kept separate from adults. I even include my boarders in these freestyle roar around the yard outings, which happen at least once every day, and as much as they'd like in the dog yard. Dogs' lives are what we make them, I choose to make it fun. Although I really have no idea what I'd do without my kids' help in playing with the gang. :)

Turn up the volume and enjoy Phil Vassar's Just Another Day In Paradise.


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