The Nipntuck Boys

Scott with the gang this winter, Rummy in the far back, then the rest, enjoying the day.

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Click on picture to go to each dog's page. Feel free to call us regarding stud inquiries, 425/466-8145. Puppy inquiries please use e-mail. If you would like my opinion on the latest information and methods to use when breeding your bitch, feel free to read this. I hope it helps you to get a great big wonderful litter!

"Coal" "Wilson" "Gamble" "Player" "Hardy"

It is our belief that a stud dog's most important feature is his mother. That there are dogs who can win from all different pedigrees, but the dogs who are great *producers* typically come from great producing pedigrees. For that reason we strive only keep boys who have specialty-winning mothers, and only breed to dogs who have great mothers. We believe that is what allows us to offer a lineup of stud dogs who are producing top quality show puppies that are also healthy and have solid temperaments. Enjoy, we are very proud of what all these boys are producing, and are confident you will be thrilled with your puppies.

**The boys ROCKED the spectacular 2017 Potomac Specialty in MD, the biggest specialty show in the world, with over 1,000 Labradors entered. They sired the Best in Sweepstakes Winner and WERE the Best in Sweepstakes winners, with Player going Best in Sweestakes and Coal Best In Veteran Sweepstakes. We are very, very proud of them.

**Wilson is becoming a dominant show dog, winning Winners Dig five times and Reserve twice from the puppy classes, including specialty wins.

**Coal won the 2010, 2011, and 2013 (both days) Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Club Specialty shows, and in 2014 was Best Op both days, and BOB again in 2015. He has now won PSLRA eight of the last ten shows.

**Gamble has been Winners Dog at Multiple specialties and is the sire of Best In Sweeps at Potomac 2017.

All boys have hip, elbow, eye and heart OFAs, (hearts cleared by color dopler) and are OptiGen A by parentage.

We use the service fee arrangement with our boys, bitch owners pay a service fee at the time of breeding,
the rest of the stud fee is due when at least two puppies are born.

A litter of Coal puppies.


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