This is mostly the horses, doin' what they love, at all the shows we went to last summer. From the Hollywood Hill Saddle Club just up the street, to WWGA on Whidbey, to O-Mok-Sees in Montana, the National in Utah, and the two big local ones, Whidbey and PNW. They are all filled with the kids' friends and families, what a great group of kids. Nothing like a good dose of hard work and a few big adrenalin rushes to make ya' smile. There are also a few of Will cutting it up on the football field, he really has an amazing ability to make tacklers miss. Some think it is his athleticism on a horse that contributes to his talent on the football field. He certainly does get big air! Both kids are very fun to watch ride, enjoy the show.

Turn up the volume, and don't feel guilty about dancing a little bit, no one's watching. ;-).


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