CH Nipntuck Miss American Pie "Apple"
(Twinkle x Brookland's Charlie Brown).
OptiGen A1, OFA Good hips

Apple attended seven specialties while eligible for sweepstakes classes:

Best in Sweeps, IPLRC, Barb Ironside
Best In Sweeps, SJVLRC, Judy Davis
Best In Sweeps, PSLRA Match, Linda Maffett
Best In Sweeps, BCLRC, Dianne Sullivan
Best In Sweeps, PSLRA, Annette Watkins

At the other two specialties, Potomac and RCLRC, Apple was one of two bitches considered for Best In Sweeps. As Annette Watkins says in her critique:

"She is a lovely, unbelievably gorgeous chocolate bitch who is in wonderful coat and has everything I look for and like. She is typey, she has substance without being overdone, she has a sweet, soft expression, is balanced and stays together when she moves. She is yummy from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. I could look at her all day long. . . everything about her is wonderful."

In 2005, her first specialties as an adult:

WB, Best of Winners, RCLRC, Clare Senfeld
WB, Best of Winners, PSLRA, Jill Ickowski

Best Of Winners, BCLRC, Judy Chambers

First, Open Chocolate Bitches (24), Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac, one of six to make the cut for Winners Bitch. Potomac had an entry of over 1,600 Labradors this year. Thanks, Linda, for showing her so well. :)

RWB PSLRA (to Booty), judge Diane Pilbin

Apple is a Champion! She finished at the YVKC under breeder judge Trudy Rose. Thanks Trudy! :)

Thank you, judges, for recognizing her so consistently! Apple congratulates her puppies from her first litters for their multiple Best Puppies, Best in Sweeps, and specialty Winners and BOB (also Fonzie, for earning his Finnish Championship on 3/24/07, and his Estonian Championship 1/12/08). Most recent congrats go to Rick Mullen and Cindy King's Nipntuck American Sweetheart Sweetie for her BOS Sweeps at the LRCC National Specialty, RWB and BOS Sweeps at PSLRA, and Winners Bitch at BCLRC. And to her new Champion and multiple Best in Specialty show winning daughter, Snap.


Apple winning her first Major from the 9-12 month class