Nipntuck One Bad Apple, "Woody"
dob: 10/23/08

Big Sky's Heaven Scent from Trinity x Nipntuck Miss American Pie, pictured at five and seven months.
Woody's pedigree proudly boasts Nipntuck's sixth generation.


Woody has OFA prelims Good hips, normal elbows. He is now for sale to either a pet or show home, and is also available for public stud.

OK, those who went to Pat Hasting's structure seminar, draw your three lines on Woody.
Right now he has fabulous structure, and a rear not often found on chocolates. Pictured at five and seven (top) months.

Woody won both his 6-9 month dog classes at the PSLRA Match in June, and at his first real specialty, won his regular class and was 2nd in sweeps at RCLRC.

Because I have a new camera and am always trying to get the perfect shot of my three darling youngsters, who of course never look the same hand-stacked at this age, I have tons of pictures of the puppies. It also helped that most of February was heavenly--warm and dry. Although it did snow on Feb. 26. The puppies also all had their first exposure to birds and swimming on Feb. 28. Here are Apple's two boys by Joshua, Adam (blue collar) and Woody (leopard collar, green after 2/25), and Coal's first baby out of Charm, Eva. Set to the Mamma Mia soundtrack. :)


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